About Us

Welcome to LEDLamp-Direct.com

LEDLamp-Direct.com is your supplier of energy-saving LED bulbs,
tubes, utility lights and hardware. All for just a fraction of the price from a Big Box store!

How? We buy quality LEDs in bulk and maintain a large on-hand inventory for most lamps and modules.
We’re centrally located in the United States, so we can provide quick deliveries
at regular rates to 80% of the America.

Need some help?

If you are having some trouble deciding on what you need to get the job done,
simply Contact Us for direct assistance. We’ll help you sort it out!

We know LED lamps!
If you know what you need but you can‘t find it here, get in touch with us for this, too.
Odds are we can get it for you. And if there is no product that fits
your exact needs, we can work with our suppliers to get you an LED lamp solution that does!